Sharon Evans

Sharon Evans

I am proud to be a registered mortgage advisor operating under licence to Mortgage Link (NZ) Limited


With its long history and measured, professional approach to lender relationships Mortgage Link is able to ensure my clients have access to the most appropriate deal for their individual needs. 


My level of experience and expertise spans decades in the finance and business sectors, some of the words my clients have used to describe my work are as follows:


“It is so impressive that you pay such great attention to detail. This kind of dedication can make all the difference”

 “I really value your professional approach to your work and your commitment”

 “It’s been great working with you because you like getting things done!”

 “You absolutely gave your best and have always acted with the upmost integrity and goodwill”

“I have been very impressed with your professionalism, hard work and dedication” 

 “Thank you for the nice and cordial cooperation, especially for your prompt responses to our requests even at night-time.  You've really done an extraordinarily good job”

 “I have absolutely loved working with you and getting to know you” 

So please get in touch and I will do my absolute best to ensure we match your requirements with the most appropriate lender and get you the best deal at the same time.