Travis Moan

Travis Moan

Seventeen years working in the NZ Police meant that I was able to help people on a daily basis, which made the job worthwhile.  In 2012, after being diagnosed with a “dodgy ticker”, I decided to make a radical career change!

After spending over $20K in a workplace medical insurance scheme and then learning that my cardiologists’ bills weren’t covered, I quickly became interested in learning about the industry and the importance of getting good advice as there are so many options out there.

Having seen how insurance can help people when things turn to custard (my mother died suddenly at age 52 and without Life Insurance my dad wouldn’t have survived financially) – I saw the benefits firsthand.

I specialize in all types of Insurance (life, medical, income protection, mortgage protection), business, personal & home loans and can introduce you to one of the top performing KiwiSaver companies in NZ.

An interest in investment properties lead me to attend a number of comprehensive courses over the years which covered every aspect of the process, including buying strategies, loan structures, the tax benefits, adding value, and growing your portfolio.

I now own 4 investment properties in Auckland. Having worked with a mortgage broker at that time was extremely useful and saved me having to walk into several different banks myself to find out who could help out.

I currently work with over 30 different providers, so I can advise and recommend the best products and the best deals to personally suit you. With options, come questions:

Every lender has different criteria – what works at one bank, may not work at another.

I have many happy clients - and I would welcome the chance to answer your questions and help you too.